Repaired Roof

Protective Roof Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage can affect all areas of your home, but roofs are especially susceptible to damage. Restore your house with roof damage repair from Laurenzo Contracting Inc. We also do flooring replacement and a full range of services to bring back the pre-storm appearance of your home.

Save on a Roof Inspection

You may not see roof damage after a storm, but it could be there. Even a small hole in a roof or one torn-up shingle is all it takes to create a leak that could cause thousands of dollars in damage. Find the problem now with a roof inspection before you see a yellow spot forming on your ceiling

Affordable and Quick Repairs

Call us after a bad storm to fix damage to your home before secondary damage occurs, which could make the problem worse. No matter what Mother Nature does to your house, we repair it quickly. To restore the look and structural integrity of your structure, we do:

• Fallen Tree Removal
• Roof Damage Repair
• Window Replacement
• Siding Repair
• House Painting

• Water Damage Repair
• Carpet and Flooring Replacement
• Door Repair/Replacement